Saturday, February 4, 2017


The Japanese have an ancient ceremony of admiring flavors - "Kodo". Participants take turns inhale the aroma of incense on the coals heated in a porcelain dish, and exchange poetic verses or compete in the art of calligraphy ...
This 400-year-old tradition goes back to the court refined amusements of the Heian period (9-12 cc.)
Our ancestors have long noticed that inhaling incense - natural essential oils - has on the human body expressed regulating physiological and psychological impact: at all times scents helped to cope with irritation, fatigue, negative emotions. Aligns the psycho-emotional state with essential oils for relaxation.
Modern scientists have confirmed the fact that odors affect human behavior. Nerve cells with specific emotional arousal secrete substances regulators (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and others.) That affect the chemical composition of blood and the state of various organs. Thus, emotions can change the functioning of the nervous system and the state of the whole organism.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to get rid of back blackheads?

Black spots on spin are similar on face blackheads. It is much more difficult to get rid only of them. They appear because of violation of work of sebaceous glands. And nevertheless specialists have some councils for those who want to make skin of back equal and smooth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Learn what cosmetics you need to take with yourself in travel

Gathering in trip, every time of the woman meet difficulties how to take the essentialest and, at the same time, not to become that the young woman that "handed over in baggage" from the famous children's poem. But you have so got used to that number of jars that stand on dressing table or bathroom that there is a wish that they accompanied you everywhere. Habit – business strong, but remember restriction of weight of baggage, you do not want to pay extra for its overweight the sum, much bigger, than the cost of all jars. Also you do not want to take separate suitcase for the bottle. So, at last, you have decided on that minimum of things that you will take with yourself on rest, it was necessary only to put what is required for personal care.

Ginger roots for weight loss

Ginger root for weight loss — one of the most available means. Ginger has come to us from the East. It by right is considered very good and curative plant. It is also applied as spice, in cookery. India is the homeland of ginger in spite of the fact that it grows in China. Still long ago it has been noticed that means which basis the ginger root enters make considerable contribution to recovery of processes of digestion, makes excessive contribution to treatment of respiratory organs and bronchial asthma. It is irreplaceable components in dishes of kitchen of the East. The type of its use is very different. It is exposed to both pickling, and drying, it can be made, fried and even to use crude.